Private Universities in the Seattle Area
Seattle is a great city to visit and an even better one in which to live, and there are a lot of private universities in the Seattle area. A little research can help you select the right college or university that provides the college experience you want. If you're looking for private universities in the Seattle area, this list is a great place to start.

Antioch University
Antioch University has five locations throughout the United States, including one in Seattle. The university boasts a wide variety of liberal arts programs for students, but it also has a PhD program focusing on leadership. If you have your sights on traveling abroad, you're in luck; Antioch University's study-abroad program sends students to 10 different countries all over the world. See: Antioch University

Bastyr University
If you're looking for a university whose focus is on the sciences, look no further than Bastyr University. This nonprofit university offers a "multidisciplinary curriculum in science-based natural medicine." Bastyr University offers both undergraduate and graduate programs of study and is comprised of a predominantly female student body. See: Bastyr University

City University of Seattle
City University is one of the Northwest's largest nonprofit private universities, and it's a university that definitely embraces the non-traditional student. If you're looking for a college experience that's anything but typical, City University of Seattle might be the place for you. The university has many self-directed programs and offers online classes meant to suit your busy lifestyle. See: City University of Seattle

Cornish College of the Arts
Truly a performing arts college, Cornish College of the Arts boasts a faculty comprised of working, professional visual and performing artists who are thriving in the heart of Seattle. If you're an artist looking for an education to enhance your work, Cornish College of the Arts might be the place for you. As one of only three private, non-profit performing arts universities in the country, Cornish College of the Arts is definitely a university that stands out. See: Cornish College of the Arts

Seattle Pacific University
If you're searching for a college with religious ties, consider Seattle Pacific University. The university is over 120 years old and is grounded in the rich history of the area. Seattle Pacific University also boasts cutting-edge science buildings, a huge library and great food. The campus is just 10 minutes from downtown Seattle, giving you the perfect blend of suburban and urban. See: Seattle Pacific University

This list is by no means exhaustive, but it does give you some great places to start as you search for the right university. Seattle is a great place to live, learn how to write my college essay, and these colleges all offer experiences that you're not going to want to pass up.

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